Toyin Adekale Releases Her First Children’s Book | The Crystal City

About The Book

When a little girl dreams of a City for Kings and Queens, who will go with her? If her friends believe in her dreams in the beginning, will they be able to cope with the tough road ahead? Will they get to the good times in the end? What’s lurking in the wilderness on her journey? Will she be left alone or worse still, will she give up on her dream?

Goals 1. Edutainment – Education through Entertainment, bringing Empowerment 2. Providing a platform for children to see their potential through storytelling

About The Author

Toyin Adekale is an established singer/songwriter, motivational speaker and author, born in London to West African parents.

Her passion for storytelling through music led to her first book of inspirational short stories, “I Do, Do You?”.

Toyin traveled the world sharing her music with dignitaries and royalty, and now inspired to extend motivational stories for children in this her first children’s book, “The Crystal City”

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