Power In The Word | Eternal Praise ft. Elaina J

Eternal Praise are due to release their next single POWER IN THE WORD, it is their second release from the forthcoming album ‘New Birth’, for the end of Summer 2020. The song is a bold and exciting composition, bringing together various diverse influences, with glimpses of 80’s soul, and motown, delivered with a lightness of touch and a crisp clarity..

Andrew Chisholm, (saxophonist), brings great passion within a solid framework of technical skill and dexterity, skipping through the track with joy and delight. The Singer Songwriter, Elaina J heads up the vocals with a clear and positive lyric highlighting the value of the Word of God. As Elaina J explained, ‘power’ is translated Dunamis, and refers to the explosive nature of every Word breathed by God’……not to be taken lightly!

A remix will soon be available, arranged by none other than III Chronicles Studio’s Mr Stuart Green, kicking in his authentic reggae style – definitively smooth listening.
We loved making this! ENJOY!!

Stream and/or Purchase via https://li.sten.to/reyachmusic. For more information contact: Minister Judith 07982 259534 reyachmusic@gmail.com, http://www.reyachmusic.com