My Mind Wide Open by Toyin Adekale | Surviving Mental Lockdown

Toyin Adekale

Our mind is constantly in conversation, or observation. It never stops functioning, which can be overwhelming. Oftentimes your mind is just vacant and waiting to be fed. If you don’t do this on purpose it can run wild. 

You can pick a topic, pick a page and go straight to it. No need to read from the beginning. “My Mind Wide Open” is an interruption to some of our everyday thoughts and challenges you to re-think and change your focus. Is your mind wide open? Then feed it everyday. Direct it. Control it or it will control you. Here is some food for thought. Let the eating begin with some nutrition for your “Mind Wide Open”. 

Change the way you look at things and things you look at change. This is an easy read. Try a subject a day. Keep negativity at bay. 

Written by: Toyin Adekale

Illustrations: Kelis Dawn

Editor: Patrick Walsh

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