Jesus Is Coming Back Again by Veronica Leigh

Inspiration behind the song

We are living in what the bible calls perilous times/end times. Biblical prophesies are unfolding right in front of our eyes. We have learnt and experienced a few plagues and have survived without major disturbances, but this one has taken so many lives and have played a massive part on impacting lives all over the world.

Some have lost jobs; businesses has suffered greatly, and the big one for me is so many have died, and died without Christ.

Matthew 25 v 5 says that the bridegroom was delayed. I said Lord you’re never late. The response I got from our Lord is, ‘My people are not ready, the delay is my Grace but He is coming back. I was inspired to write this song without sugar-coating anything to get this message out that Jesus Christ’s return is eminent, the lyrics says it all.

There is a sense of urgency in my heart to share the gospel like I have never done before, to as many people as I am able to reach. So that God’s people whether they are saved or not will be ready for His second return.

Beat produced by LionRiddims

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