JayJayBorn2Sing & Joshua Kesler Join Forces To Release A Surprise Gospel Reggae Collaboration | Endlessly

JayJayBorn2Sing and Joshua Kesler, join forces, releasing a debut collaboration, produced by Donville Davis, entitled Endlessly, originally released as a single in 1959 by Brent Brookes.

The style and vibe of the track delivers a gospel interpretation on the reggae veteran Dobby Dobson’s Endlessly reggae cover, who sadly passed away this year. A big hit for the late reggae singer, amongst the Windrush generation, back in the day.

Both artists are UK based, well loved and respected locally and further afield. JayJayBorn2Sing’s honeycomb tone, and Joshua Kesler’s distinctive signature vocals, complete a successful project.

Purchase and download Endlessly via Amazon https://www.amazon.co.uk/Endlessly-JayJayBorn2Sing-Joshua-Kesler/dp/B08KYHGNVY/ref=sr_1_2?dchild=1&keywords=jayjayborn2sing+endlessly&qid=1602598830&sr=8-2

Check out the below links to JayJayBorn2Sing and Joshua Kesler’s music via YouTube and be blessed!

JayJayBorn2Sing https://youtu.be/P2FkZ8tD_lQ

Joshua Kesler https://youtu.be/TrdBqNCQ-3E