Introducing St Andrew

St Andrew along with his younger brother Allan Brando (who is a Selector, Co-owner of the popular ‘War Report’ show) were groomed in the genre of Reggae Dancehall music by their father the moment they were born.

Their father being a huge, great lover of reggae used to hang out in the studios and the dances with popular artists such as Barrington Levy when Barrinton Levy was living in London at the time in the early 80s, also the likes of Bunny Lye Lye, just to name a few, who at times would visit their home and play domonioes.

St Andrew’s passion for reggae dancehall is now expressed via the Good News of the Lord & Saviour Jesus Christ, who became a Christian in the year 2001 and started his music career in 2013. He has shared the stage with the likes of Leuitenant Stitchie, Papa San, Lurine Cato and many more. His most popular songs are ‘Hold On’, ‘Star A D Show’, ‘Never Miss’, ‘Head Hot, ‘Nuh Fraid’, ‘All Out’, ‘So In Love’ featuring Nadine Marshall.

St Andrew’s desire is for his music to draw non-Christians to the Lord Jesus Christ and to inspire, encourage and minister to Christians to continue to serve God and love one another. He is currently signed to Newlyfe Records.