Introducing Paul Grey

Paul R. Grey is an inspirational singer-songwriter and author that fuses together his lived experiences and music to uplift and encourage. He was born and raised in London and currently lives in Wolverhampton, West Midlands, England.

Paul released his first reggae single in 2013 with four versions of his song ‘Trust In God’. Whilst elements of Paul’s voice is reminiscent of the great Bob Marley, the song reminds us that God remains faithful when we are going through challenging circumstances associated with health and finances. However, as you listen to the truth beneath the catchy melody and rhythm, hope and confidence in God will be reignited.

Seven years later and ten days before the first UK Covid-19 lockdown came into force, Paul released his second offering, ‘But I Fly’ on Monday 16th March 2020. The title song ‘But I Fly’ is a song of reflection and tells of Revd Paul’s transformation; after the struggles. Like the transformational process of a caterpillar into a butterfly, the song takes you through the process to a place of hope.