Inspiration behind I’m That Woman

Inspiration Behind The Song

Toyin Adekale: “I’ve been wanting to collaborate with women in music since the early 90s, before the loss of my sisters in music Deborah Glasgow and Louisa Marks, but God’s time is best. Our experiences as women may vary but we’ve overcome a lot, and we’re not alone. Standing with my sisters is testiment to who we are, when we stand together, and is injected into this song.”

Keziah Job: “This song is about celebrating who we are, past, present and future. to be involved in this project with some of the best musical Queens I know, is a blessing.” Millicent Stephenson: “Why did I agree to participate? The track and the lyrics. Especially the line about not being liked for my hips and my breasts, absolutely spot on observation! Exactly how I feel. Women should be accepted as human beings first and not based on our appearance or what they feel they can get. Excellent writing, well done”

Annette B: “When I was asked to join this amazing, inspiring, uplifting creativity, celebrating women of all nations, sizes, colors and with various abilities…how could I say no. Rise and shine Women. Know who you are and know your worth. Diamonds are made under extreme pressure just like you. Unpeel the rough layers, now GLISTEN & SHINE. Just like the DIAMOND you are. One Love.” “I’M THAT WOMAN” by Toyin Adekale & Friends, sees Keziah Job, Annette Bee and Millicent Stephenson join her on this smooth reggae song, highlighting the strength of women through the ages and what God can do when he steps into your life.”

Toyin Adekale (feat. Annette B, Keziah Job & Millicent Stephenson)

2 March 2022

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