Denis Mclean Releases Fathers Day Tribute | Papa Prayed

‘Papa Prayed’ is the title of Denis Mclean’s second release for 2020, released on the 19th of June two days before Father’s Day (UK). ‘Papa Prayed’ is dedicated to all fathers and father figures. This is a heartfelt smooth reggae track from Denis.

Denis Mclean says…

I was inspired to write ‘Papa Prayed’ by a fellow musician and christian, who asked if I could write a song to honour his grandfather. His grandfather took care of him and his brother and proved to be an inspirational man of God! As I wrote the song, I realised that many people may not relate to such a song.

But then a thought came to me. Although one may not have had a father or male role-model who had such outstanding qualities, doesn’t change the fact that one could, and should aspire to become such a person for their children.

It is also very important to pray for our children as parents and carers, as they have many pressures to contend with as they go through life.

It has been written, ‘the effectual fervent prayers of a righteous man availeth much’
James 5:16

It has also been well said that ‘prayer is firing the winning shot!’

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