Shekinah Sound System plays H.U.M.B.L.E an Acapella Jamaican group

Sound Systems have always played music to let the massive know “what ah gwarn” (what’s going on).

Shekinah Sound System, hailing out of Birmingham, the UK’s original and long-running Gospel Sound System since 1996, have joined forces with Reggae Gospel 360 and Reggae Royalty (Gospel Reggae Radio Show on UGN Jamz) to feature the new Reggae Gospel track Try Him Out from the all-male group based in Jamaica called H.U.M.B.L.E. (Hearts United Minds Bonded in Love for Eternity)

Refreshingly, there isn’t a physical instrument in sight. Every sound you hear is produced by the natural voices and vibes of this talented Acapella group.

From the baseline, rhythm, and percussion to the rich vocals, in part reminiscent of the unique harmonies of Jamaican group The Abyssinians. Try Him Out has struck a chord (no pun intended) with UK platforms, hence their decision to collaborate for the month of May to feature the song through power plays, bios and videos to share information about the group on their platforms.

Sound Systems and the historical role they play, are an important part of the musical landscape and culture when it comes to Reggae music. Shekinah Sound System with “Milla & Spanna” on the decks with the live spin, have more than paved the way for artists old and new.

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