Reggae in the Coombe Abbey historic hotel

During the 12th century, Coombe Abbey was a home for monks, now transformed into a beautiful Hotel with character. It’s now hundreds of years later in the 21st century in a season of ‘possible firsts’, the musical sounds of Reggae could be heard serenading the historic hotel grounds, performed by Lovers Rock veteran Toyin Adekale.

Ladies First Business Development, based in Coventry, held its Annual Awards on Thursday 23rd March. Which saw the introduction of 4 new categories by Singer/Song Writer and BBC Broadcaster Sandra Godley.

The ‘first’ winner of the International Women In Music Awards, a fitting recipient, who flew in for the Awards from Seattle, was Toyin Adekale, a Lovers Rock veteran in the music business with a career spanning more than 40 years. Working with the likes of Boney M (ft Maize Williams) and providing countless sweet session vocals for other artists. Toyin expressed her surprise as her name was announced that she had won.

Toyin Adekale

Timing is everything, as Toyin prepares to drop her latest single, she also had the opportunity to give another first, by singing to a packed venue of 300+ attendees. The soon-to-be-released Carol King song, ‘You’ve Got A Friend’ was a fitting way to round up a wonderful evening, with people rocking and swaying at their tables as the melodic reggae beat rang out throughout the Abbey walls.

Heading back to Seattle, Toyin shared the sentiments of this impromptu performance as a message of ‘love, friendship and support for each other in these, sometimes, challenging times.’

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