Joshua Kesler releases his first single for 2023

UK Gospel Reggae artist Joshua Kesler has released his first single for 2023 entitled Prodigal Son; home is where the heart is in this self-penned song, guaranteed to hit a nerve with the listeners.

“There’s no place like home. By home I mean, in the loving arms of the Father”. – Joshua Kesler

Joshua’s newest release is set to cause a stir in the Gospel Reggae scene, with his self-reflecting lyrics, and upbeat Reggae production from producers Stuart Green and Keziah Job, aka Hammond and Harmony Productions (H&H).

An original production by H&H glazed perfectly with a signature riff from veteran rhythm guitarist Ivan Christie and Saxophonist Stephen Green.

Achievements and Upcoming Events

Since his arrival on the music scene in 2006, Joshua Kesler has released 2 studio albums and an EP. Last year saw Joshua Kesler nominated for the TMMP Awards, ABGMA Awards and a historic Marlin Award nomination for his 2021 single ‘Rock I Stand’.

Legendary Radio presenter Daddy Ernie also added Joshua’s March 2022 release ‘Oasis’ to his Reggae Super Jam inflight entertainment on British Airways. 

Joshua Kesler will be performing at ‘Wired To Worship UK, on the 1st of April 2023, hosted by Premier Gospel Radio presenter Ibe Giant Killer and Samantha Radford from A Step FWD.

Inspiration Behind The Song

The song Prodigal Son was inspired by God. Upon what was revealed to me in a dream I immediately made note of what I heard in my spirit. Soon after this spiritual encounter, I contacted my producers outlining the arrangement that each instrument should play namely, the bass, drums, and horns. A demo of the production was later constructed for me to work with. The additional musical arrangement and bridge were inspired by Keziah Job and Stuart Green.

Now having a demo to work with I began to put pen to paper relying on the Holy Spirit to aid me with this task. The chorus of the song was quickly established “there’s no place like home”. Immediately I heard in my spirit “The Prodigal Son”. The content of the song simply depicts the life and story of a young man who lost His way but eventually came to himself and found his way back home to his loving Father.

In the latter part of 2015, my life took a downward spiral where I lost all sense of direction due to the challenges I experienced and had to deal with. My back was against the wall!

The song made perfect sense as I reflected on my walk at the time, not only was it an encouragement to me, but I knew that this song would also be an encouragement to many considering the season I and so many were in. No matter where we may find ourselves in life our loving Father is always on the lookout with arms wide open ready to receive us. We simply cannot make it on our own.

Download/Stream Prodigal Son

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