Rising star LaToyah Bless wins Reggae Song of the Year and performs in Reggae Collab at Step FWD Awards

Award-winning, rising star LaToyah Bless wins the Reggae Song of the Year, at the Step FWD Awards 2022. The awards were held at The Gaumont Theatre, on Saturday 26th November. Hosted by Faith Child and Jennifer Lee Moon, a well-supported prestigious red-carpet affair. ‘Light it up’ won the hearts of the public earlier this year, in the UK Christian Charts. And now follows through with a Reggae Song of the Year recognition. In a line up of nominations with 12 other artists, namely Cerose, Moya Rowe, Minister Taf, Kinglsey Wray, Richie Davis, Shezzie, Brenda Emmanuel, DJ Shunz and featured artists, Renewal Choir, King Arthur and Keziah Job. LaToyah came through victorious, with hearty applause from her Reggae colleagues she performed and sat with on the night.

Reggae Collaboration

The sparkling artist took part in an opening performance with the first ever UK, Dancehall/Reggae cypher Collab, featuring seasoned artists Joshua Kesler, and Minister Taf, alongside Maestro Bravest and DJ Shunz on decks. Joshua Kesler opened proceedings with a strong vocal opening with his 2021 Reggae Song of the Year ‘Rock I Stand’, backed by a live band. Then entered LaToyah Bless in a change of wardrobe and proved why she was worthy of her accolade, with her debut hit. DJ Shunz was up next with her track ‘Armour’, featuring the artist Siege, followed by Maestro Bravest who came out strong with his track ‘March Out’, prompting a rewind from DJ Shunz mixing on decks. The grand finally came from Minister Taf, closing the Reggae Collab, with an energetic and crowd-pleasing performance, with his anthem ‘Push up uno hand’. It was a one-of-a-kind Reggae Collaboration, each artist showcasing their uniqueness yet a bond of unity in an authentic Reggae showcase.


Earlier this year Reggae Tribe’s Top 12 artists to watch LaToyah Bless won Reggae artist of the year at the TMMP Awards held in Bradford, UK. And also featured in Premier Gospel’s ‘Ones To Watch’ artist for 2022. The artist is certainly making her mark in the UK through her authentic and original style, rocking the gospel through 90’s Ragga and Dancehall vibe. A great night for the sparkling and glamourous LaToyah Bless.

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