An open door for Gospel Reggae music? as Jamaica ban songs promoting illegal activities

The Broadcasting Commission Jamaica have made a landmark move, banning all content promoting illegal activities being transmitted.

The Broadcasting Commission issued a directive to all broadcasters to immediately prevent the transmission of any recorded material on tv, radio, or cable that glorifies, promotes, or otherwise encourages illegal activities. The directive was announced on the 11th October 2022.

This includes:
🚫DrugAbuse/illegal drugs including Molly.
🚫Jungle justice
🚫Illegal or harmful use of guns and other offensive weapons.
🚫Use of expletives and other offensive lyrics/profanties.

Many have welcomed the ban stating the directive being long overdue, and sighting the clean up of Jamaica media channels will pave the way for genres such as ‘Gospel Reggae’, to springboard and help to make a difference on the airwaves.

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