Road To World Domination Sound Clash review

‘Road To World Domination Sound Clash’ is a friendly, entertaining, ‘fun ting’ whilst simultaneously ministering the gospel of the Good News of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.

I was extremely excited to be a judge of the just concluded Sound Clash of Solo Christus from Antigua & DJ Fyah Beat from Bermuda on Saturday 1st October 2022. I was approached by organisers DJ Bredda Paul from ‘Gospel Light Sound System’ and DJ Coverboy from Bermuda. Sound System and DJing are a few of my passions in music.

St Andrew

As Christians, we regard the sound clash event just the same as a friendly football match, or playing dominoes etc. Everybody plays to win but we have the understanding that with competitive games, you win some, you lose some and everyone is still friends afterwards. No one holds grudges against their opponents and we show great sportsmanship, congratulating and celebrating the winner in the spirit of UNITY.

As one of the judges alongside Dean, we made our decisions for each round with NO BIAS. Both DJs were exceptionally unique with their style, their approach and delivery with quality dubs and 45s. I thoroughly enjoyed the ministry of both but there has to be one winner of the clash and we both individually decided that DJ Fyah Beat from Bermuda won the clash.

Look out for more details of the next sound clash with one of the pioneering, foundation sound systems – DJ Redz of ‘His Majesty Sound System’ (HMSS Sound System).

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