Award-winning DJ Shunz releases Christian Walk Riddim guaranteeing fun and vibes

DJ Shunz, the award-winning DJ has announced the release of ‘Christian Walk’ riddim featuring Perry InChrist, Emrand Henry, Yawdy Quan, St Andrew, Chris Da Ambassada & Shado Vijon.

Co-produced by DJ Shunz and KD Summerz, the Christian Walk original track had such a
beat and vibe to it, they had to make it a riddim! Guaranteed to get the listener dancing.

The idea behind the riddim is to create more songs for people to have fun to. Each artist brings something new and different to the beat.

“I created this riddim pack because I felt like the beat was too good to have just one song on it”. -DJ Shunz

Download/Stream: Christian Walk Riddim

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