Ghanian Gospel Reggae artist Godwin Dash releases new single Spirit Move Me

Ghanian Gospel Reggae artist Godwin Dash has released his first single for the year entitled Spirit Move Me, produced by PRM Sounds, executive producer ZJ DERO.

Godwin Dash started his music ministry in 2015, to date he has released 2 albums Born Again released in May 2015 and The Love Of God released in December 2017.

He is the founder and leader of the registered charity organization, Righteous Family, which is located in Ghana and has board members around the globe. Godwin Dash’s ongoing mission is to reach out to lost souls through his music and the Righteous Family organization. Righteous Family is a Christian organization that seeks to better lives for the advancement of humanity and to win lost souls back to God, through music, charity and the word on the street.

Inspiration behind the song

Godwin says,

God has given me another great privilege to share a song, he gave me regarding the person of the Holy Spirit and his influence in our lives as children of God. After I got born again, for many years I felt I was having the best time with God. Being a Christian and living right became the confidence and basis for my Christian life until God showed me from the scriptures about the person of the Holy Spirit and how empty I am without him. I felt the only way to express my emptiness was to express it in song”

Download Spirit Move Me

Released: May 2022

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