Darren Grant is back with the Spirit Intoxicated riddim Part 2 of his Spirit Flow project

Jamaican Gospel artist and producer Darren Grant is back with Part 2, to the ‘Spirit Flow’ riddim entitled Spirit Intoxicated.

Featuring 10 artists selected from his Christian Fellowship body of churches. The featured artists are Shenique, Latifah, Riley X, Shaundre, LJ – Purpose, Trishawna Grant, Steve Watkins, Samantha Salmon and DJ Troy. Darren Grant also features on the riddim with his single and official video Heaven Ticket.

Back in 2020 Darren produced and released the ‘Spirit Flow’ project, which featured 9 artists, now almost 2 years on, it’s the exciting release of Part 2. Spirit Intoxicated riddim is produced with the rhythmic Mento and Revival beat, created and made popular in Jamaica.

The Inspiration behind the Riddim

The name of the riddim came about as Darren Grant, wanted to keep the word ‘Spirit’ in reference to the first project, but needed a second word to complete the name. Whilst observing his dance moves to the riddim in the studio, Darren saw his moves as one intoxicated, however not with alcohol or drunkeness the producer stresses, but intoxicated with the Holy Spirit, the Spirit of God. The Riddim name was now complete ‘Spirit Intoxicated’.

Choosing the artists

The selection process of the artists were from Darren’s surrounding Christian Fellowship congregation, which he is apart of, namely Dias, Paul Island Christian Fellowship, Lucea Christian Fellowship, Sandy Bay Christian Fellowship, Montego Bay Christian Fellowship, Catadupa Christian Fellowship and Cambridge Christian Fellowship.

Album launch

The album launch and concert is set for Sunday 28th August 2022 at the Lucea Christian Fellowship Church in Jamaica. Part of the proceeds will be donated to ‘Back To School’ for the needy.

Download Spirit Intoxicated

Released: June 2022

Connect with Darren Grant

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