Marvia Providence drops long awaited live album I Am Anointed Shabach

International Recording Gospel vocalist Marvia Providence has released her new album on May 31, 2022 entitled I Am Anointed Shabach 2.0 (live) Pt.1, recorded live in Toronto, Canada.

With anticipation of what’s in store for Part 2, this is a feast of an album to embrace and soak in. Marvia’s classic Gospel hit Hear My Cry, and recently released hits I Am Anointed and Happy medley, all find their place on the Gospel vocalist 2022 project.

Now accustomed to Marvia’s approach leaning towards the rewards of live recorded releases, filled with atmosphere and buzz. This album is a mixture of Holy Ghost worship, Pentecostal hymns and choruses, with a Bible ‘pull up and come again’ for the mainstream audience.

Download I Am Anointed Shabach

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