Maestro Bravest back on the frontline in 2022 with new music video

Aligned Vision’s Top Up Szn 2 Ep5 features Maestro Bravest new song “Welcome To Di Prayground”. A song that aims to show how spiritual warfare is dealt with at Maestro’s church “Ark of the Covenant Prayer & Worship Tabernacle”.

Maestro Bravest says

“The song captures the fire and intensity we go into prayer with aswell as the authority and confidence we have through the ruling power of Jesus Christ. The Arkside don’t just ask and hope in prayer, we command and take.

In the bible, Luke 10 verse 19 says “Behold I give you the AUTHORITY to TRAMPLE on serpents and scorpions and over ALL the power of the enemy”, so we are just exercising our right as children of the most high God. ⁣

This world is the devil’s playground, but when we war, we change the battlefield and make it a prayground. “

Download S2 EP5 – Top Up

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