Come Out Of The Ark

Be encouraged!

Genesis 6:8-22 Genesis 9

The Vision

God told Noah to build an Ark, Noah obeyed immediately, and started to build. Noah did not question the Lord’s reasonings, although consideration might have been, where would the water come from?

Believe in the build

Noah did not carry out any research, even though he was building a mega ship, in an area where there was no water. – Some visions will not make sense in the natural, but we are to goahead and build, following through on God’s purpose.


Noah did not become distracted and absorbed with being able to build an Ark. Once the Lord told him to disembark with his family and the animals, that was it.! He did not try and create a business from Ark building, Noah carried on with life, being fruitful and multiplying as God had told him. This is crucial that we do not see our giftings and talents, as a permanent home. We are to build and reside until God gives us instructions to move on. Leave our Ark’s behind and be fruitful in other capacities.

Vehicle to the calling

Some dreams and visions God gives us, are a vehicle to our callings. Outside the Ark there is an entire world ready and waiting for us to take dominion and authority.

Come out of the Ark!

Remember we are not to make a home out of the Ark! The Ark is a temporary place to stay, whilst God prepares and clears the way for our purpose.

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